Discover the Seamless Service of Highlands Quality Climate Control in the Heart of Pennsylvania

Welcome to marvelous central PA, a region home to breathtaking landscapes, gentle rolling hills, and communities thriving with the energy of hardworking locals. Infused in this remarkable fabric is the solid presence of one of our most reliable local businesses – Highlands Quality Climate Control. Operating across several communities, including Boswell, Acme, Latrobe, Loyalhanna, Derry, and Ligonier, our services range from top-notch Plumbing Service to unbeatable AC Repair and Furnace Maintenance.

In the picturesque town of Boswell, renowned for its resilience and the industrious spirit of its citizens, we’re proud that our Plumbing Service solutions are part of why homeowners enjoy peaceful living – we’re there to ensure no plumbing issue disrupts their tranquility.

Rivaled by the gorgeous greenery of Acme and Loyalhanna, our specialists provide prompt AC Repair services that can withstand the hot Pennsylvanian summers. We’re fiercely committed to keeping homes cool and comfortable. Besides, in the cozy neighborhoods of Latrobe, our Furnace Maintenance service continues to bring warmth during the chilly winters.

In the historically vibrant town of Derry and the scenic beauty of Ligonier, our Air Conditioning Replacement and Electrical Service are second to none. No matter how hot the summer gets or how many appliances you use, trust us to keep the conditions in your home just perfect. In the Highlands, we pride ourselves in providing Quality Climate Control because your comfort is our priority.

So as you traverse through our beautiful towns, know that behind the scenes, Highlands Quality Climate Control works to make your homes as comfortable and welcoming as Pennsylvania itself.

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