Debunking Heating and Cooling Myths with Highlands Quality Climate Control

The home climate control sector is filled with misconceptions and myths. One company seeking to straighten out these misunderstandings is none other than Highlands Quality Climate Control, your reliable source for Heating Repair, AC Service, Electrical Service, and Plumbing Service in Derry, PA, and surrounding areas. Today, we’re debunking some common myths!

Myth 1: Turning Up the Thermostat Heats up Your Home Faster

This widely-held belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. Homes have a set rate at which they can heat or cool. Cranking up the thermostat won’t make your heater work harder or faster. It only wastes energy and hikes up your utility bill. Regular heating repair work is what keeps your system functioning optimally.

Myth 2: Regular Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

Many homeowners neglect routine Furnace Maintenance, thinking it’s a waste of time or money. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regular maintenance ensures that the system operates efficiently throughout the year and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns. Our team at Highlands Quality Climate Control can provide comprehensive scheduled maintenance.

Myth 3: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

You might think that closing vents in unused rooms saves energy. However, modern HVAC systems balance pressure throughout your home. When you close a vent, it can upset this balance and make your system work harder. If you’re looking to save energy, consider scheduling an AC service with our experienced technicians.

Myth 4: DIY Repairs Provides the Same Results as Professional Service

If you think that watching some online tutorials can equip you with sufficient knowledge to handle Heating Repair, Electrical Service, or Plumbing Service, think again! Such repairs should be left to the professionals. Hiring a professional technician, like those at Highlands Quality Climate Control, can ensure your systems are properly, and safely, repaired.


Remember, when it comes to your home’s Heating, Cooling, Electrical Service, and Plumbing Services in Derry, PA, Latrobe, PA, New Derry, PA, Ligonier, PA, Loyalhanna, PA & Johnstown, PA or beyond, don’t fall victim to the common misconceptions. Reach out to the experts at Highlands Quality Climate Control for accurate and reliable advice.

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